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Saturday, July 08, 2006

What about the female superheroes? Part 1

I've been wondering lately, just how many Marvel female superheroes and supervillains have had their own series over the years? So, I set forth and made my own listing after doing some research. Here is part one of the listing.

1948-1998: Part One

1948-Sun Girl 1-3 Mini Series

1972-Cat 1-4 Mini Series

1977-Ms. Marvel 1-23 Regular Series (Ended in 1979)

1978-Spider-Woman I (Jessica) 1-50 Regular Series (Ended in 1983)

1980-Savage She-Hulk 1-25 Regular Series (Ended in 1982)

1981-Dazzler 1-42 Regular Series (Ended in 1985)

1983-Magik 1-4 Mini Series

1984-Elektra Saga 1-4 Mini Series

1986-Elektra Assassin 1-8 Mini Series

1989-Sensational She Hulk 1-60 2nd Regular Series (Ended in 1994)

1992-Silver Sable and the Wild Pack 1-35 Regular Series (Ended in 1995)

1993-Spider-Woman II (Julia) 1-4 Mini Series
1993-Wildthing (Nikki) 1-7 Regular Series (Marvel UK) (Ended in 1993)

1994-Black Cat 1-4 Mini Series
1994-Scarlet Witch 1-4 Mini Series

1995-Elektra Root of Evil 1-4 Mini Series
1995-Rogue 1-4 1st Mini Series
1995-Typhoid 1-4 Mini Series

1996-Elektra 1-19 1st Regular Series (Ended in 1998)
1996-Storm 1-4 1st Mini Series
1996-Ultragirl 1-3 Mini Series

1997-Domino 1-3 1st Mini Series
1997-Kitty Pryde, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D 1-3 Mini Series

1998-Spider-Girl 0-? Ongoing 1998-?


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