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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What About the Female Superheroes? Part 3

I've been wondering lately, just how many Marvel female superheroes and supervillains have had their own series over the years? So, I set forth and made my own listing after doing some research. Here is part two of the listing.

2004-Mid 2006

2004-Black Widow 1-6 3rd Mini Series
2004-Elektra The Hand 1-5 Mini Series
2004-Jubilee 1-6 Regular Series (Ended in 2005)
2004-Mary Jane 1-4 1st Mini Series
2004-Rogue 1-12 Regular Series (Ended in 2005)
2004-She-Hulk 1-12 3rd Regular Series (Ended in 2005)
2004-Ultimate Elektra 1-5 Mini Series

2005-Black Widow 1-6 4th Mini Series
2005-Mary Jane Homecoming 1-4 2nd Mini Series
2005-Ororo Before the Storm 1-4 2nd Mini Series
2005-She-Hulk 1-? 4th Ongoing Series 2005-?
2005-X-23 1-6 Mini Series
2005-X-Men Kitty Pryde Shadow and Flame 1-5 Mini Series
2005-X-Men Phoenix Endsong (Jean Grey) 1-5 Mini Series

2006 Ms. Marvel 1-? Ongoing 2nd Series 2006-?
2006-Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 1-? Ongoing 2006-?
2006- Storm 1-5 3rd Mini Series


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